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Collection: Yoga Prop Kits

A yoga prop kit is a must-have item for both new and experienced yoga practitioners. A yoga kit can help you to make the most of your practice, no matter if you need a yoga bolster and blanket to aid you in your restorative yoga practice or whether your searching for yoga bricks and blocks to elevate your flow. Our yoga kits provide everything you need for a successful home practice, and can help you improve your balance and alignment as well as offer support in more challenging poses. Browse the collection below to discover the full range of our own-brand yoga prop kits which are created with sustainability in mind to adhere to core yoga values.

Our own brand yoga prop kits are a handy tool to have, be prepared for any yoga sequence by investing in equipment that is going to help take your practice up a notch. A carefully thought out yoga kit can help you to explore what works for you and your practice. Whether you require the comfort of a supportive yoga bolster, a yoga strap to help you stretch further, or a block to give you a stability, you can utilise different tools within your kit to find a method that works for you. Discover our full range of yoga kits to curate your perfect collection of yoga props and accessories.

What are the contents of a yoga kit?
A yoga kit will have everything you need to improve your practice. Usually, these kits will be curated according to the type of yoga you wish to practice. For example, a restorative yoga kit will contain yoga blocks, bricks, bolsters and blankets. Whereas a hot yoga kit may include gripping aids, blocks, and yoga mat towels.

Are yoga blocks just for beginners?
Yoga blocks are not just for beginners. Whilst they are usually more beneficial to those just starting their journey who need to build up strength and flexibility, yoga blocks can also be utilised by experienced yogis who wish to practice challenging new asanas. Additionally, yoga bricks and blocks are extremely useful to anyone who has sustained an injury or experiences physical limitations.

Why do you need a yoga mat?
Yoga mats provide enough grip so that you can practice your flow safely and more easily. Additionally, yoga mats help to protect your body, and particularly your joints, from impact against hard flooring. Depending on how much support you need, there are different thicknesses of mats with padding available to ensure that you can always practice comfortably.

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