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The enfoquehispano Community Class

Welcome to our community. Join us for our Free Online Community Classes and Courses. View our upcoming schedule here.

December Schedule

Join us this December as we welcome Yvonne O'Garro for three weeks of restorative yoga. Yvonne will lead us through a hatha and restorative session and a taster of her restful gratitude workshop, plus a special class in support of Crisis to start the month.

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Hatha & Restorative Yoga with Yvonne O'Garro
Tuesday 12th December |  7-8pm

An opportunity to combine Hatha and Restorative yoga in one offering.

We'll open the body with some stretches in our Hatha practice keeping a focus on alignment and the connection to our breath.

The space we've created in our Hatha practice will allow us to be still in our Restorative postures providing the nervous system with a well deserved reset. Suitable for Beginners, class will be 30 mins Hatha and 30 mins Restorative.

Recommended props: Yoga mat, yoga strap, 1 bolster, 1 eye pillow, 1 block, 2 blankets, 2 foam blocks.

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Restful Gratitude | Taster Edition with Yvonne
Tuesday 19th December |  7-8pm

I'm pleased to be offering a taster edition of Restful Gratitude, which is usually a 2 hour workshop.

What is Restful Gratitude?
An opportunity to feel relaxed and peaceful whilst reflecting on what/who you are grateful for as we navigate life's journey. Journal prompts are offered to capture your thoughts so bring your favourite journal and pen.

What inspired Restful Gratitude?

2020 was a truly unique time in our lives, there was a lot to contend with; emotional rollercoaster an understatement, as we adjusted to the many changes occurring in our lives. I felt it would be nice to offer a pause to rest and reflect on what we were thankful for. The first workshop was online in December 2020 and is now run a few times each year in person.

How do you achieve Restful Gratitude?
We find ourselves in the final quarter of the year (1 October - 31 Dec) where you perhaps start looking towards 2024 with plans and ideas for the new year ahead which could be a combination of daunting and exciting given life's pace of change. Restful Gratitude provides us with an opportunity to pause, to rest, and reflect on 2023 before we cross the threshold into 2024. Before and after we pause in the nourishment of Restorative postures, I'll invite you to reflect on whom, including self, and what you're thankful for thus far in 2023. You can capture thoughts in a journal or simply sit and ponder, whatever feels right on the day.

Recommended props: Journal, pen, Yoga mat, yoga strap, 1 bolster, 1 eye pillow, 1 block, 1 sandbag, 2 blankets, 2 foam blocks.


We will be taking a break from classes and there will be no sessions between 19th December 2023 - 9th January 2024

January Schedule

Start the new year with intention and calm as Jean Hall hosts a month of practice focusing on breath and movement and introduces guest teacher Aki Omori.

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The Journey of the Breath with Jean Hall
Tuesday 9th January |  7-8pm

This class is for every body and will connect us to the natural wisdom of the breath.

Through gentle movement, bodyful awareness and relaxation we will explore breath patterns and their journey through the body - from air breath to fluid breath to cellular breath.

Come with an open movement and breathmind and heart and enjoy the wisdom of your breath!

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Opening and Closing with Aki Omori
Tuesday 16th January |  7-8pm

This class is part 1 of 2 guided journeys exploring the nature of our movement and its organic and dynamic rhythms. We will begin with a short meditation, and then discover how simple movements and breath connects.

Come and be pleasantly surprised by what comes out from these movements.

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Pathways of Breath and Movement with Aki Omori
Tuesday 23rd January |  7-8pm

In the second guided journey through the nature of our movement we will begin with a gentle breathing exploration. We will then take that awareness into a sequence of movements. Find out how maintaining those pathways affect how you move and a sense of freedom it brings to your body.

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Ebb and Flow with Jean Hall
Tuesday 30th January |  7-8pm

This closing class in the January series will integrate key aspects from the previous classes and will explore how the momentum of the breath supports and inspires the dynamics of motion, so we can awaken to the on-going nature of ebb, flow and change. This session will include uplifting breath-led movement, bodyfulness, mindfulness and meditation.



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Anna Ashby Paid Online Course - The Art of Rest and Recovery
4-Week Online Course - Starting Thursday 11th January 2024

Join one of the UK’s leading yoga teachers, Anna Ashby who has been studying and practicing yoga for over 30 years and teaching for over 20. As a senior teacher and trainer in the UK, she holds the highest level of certification with Yoga Alliance Professionals in the UK.

 Her 4-week online course will spotlight the art of rest and recovery and will unpack the Restorative practice demonstrating its value as a resource for working with the intensity and pace of modern living.

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